Welcome to The Houseparent Network Forum Archive

I have had to close down the forum for several reasons.  1. Because the latest version of the forum was causing issues with the server hosting my website.  They were threatening to suspend my account and there was no way I could roll back to a previous version.  2. Constant attacks by spammers compared to the lack of new activity on the forum convinced me that the effort to maintain it, didn’t equal the benefit of having it. 

In it’s place I have created this fully searchable and categorized archive.  It has the best and most useful posts from all the previous forums I have had since the beginning of The Houseparent Network.  I imagine that it would take several days to read all the posts, and in spending three weeks to put this together I think most questions you might have about becoming a houseparent (Residential Childcare Worker) or being a houseparent has been discussed.

I tried to put the posts in catagories to make finding the information you are looking for easier, and I will be adding tags to all the posts to further make searching better.  If you have information or comments you would like to add to the archive, feel free to register and post your comments.  If you are NOT a spammer I will review and approve them rather quickly.