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The Diary of a Child Care Worker

August 13 - Resigned from our jobs today. Start at Good Servant on the 1st. Decided not to sell the house. We will rent it instead and use the money to supplement our income.

August 25 - Had a huge garage sale to sell most of our stuff. The house we are moving into is fully furnished with really nice stuff.

August 30 - Got rental truck today. Garage sale was a success - was able to fit everything in a 14 foot truck. Leave in the morning.

August 31 - Arrived at Good Servant. They said there was a different cottage that has come open and asked if we would take it. We said, “Sure, we want to serve where ever you need us.” Kids were very helpful, they made short order of unloading our truck. They were especially helpful and had a special glint in their eyes as they unloaded our electronics. When the truck was unloaded we took some time to visit with the staff. We spent 15 minutes talking about the kids. They handed us a set of keys and left. I was very surprised.

September 1 - Our first full day as Child Care Workers. Through love and discipline we will change lives. Very good first day, the kids were very helpful filling us in on rules and policies. The cottage they gave us is not as nice as the one we looked at when we interviewed. I counted 28 holes in the sheet-rock, ranging in size from a quarter to a basketball. 3 doors are missing, and two more have holes. One couch is missing its legs, and the other has several large holes in it. The kitchen table looks like a work bench and the stacked milk crates as chairs add and interesting touch. Three lights are hanging from their wires, the kids said Johnny was hanging from them, and I wish I could figure out what that funk is in the boy’s bathroom and staff bedroom. Now I wish I would have kept my furniture, but we can fix it up and make it nice with a little work.

September 4 - Honeymoon is over. Learned a new phrase today -”My old houseparents didn’t do it this way”. Also learned, “NO & you can’t make me” & “I’m calling my Social Worker.”

September 7 - Day seven as a child care worker. Gave up on getting up at 5:30 AM to cook a hot breakfast. Tired of hearing, “I don’t like that” & “I just want cold cereal.” Started morning devotions - children turned into animals. Learned two more phrases, “This is Stupid” & “F___ off!.”

September 9 - Billy the bully was suspended from school today. Get to spend the next three days with him at home. He can help me mow my 30 acres of grass and care for pigs.

September 10 - Billy refused to get up today. He decided to take advantage of his vacation from school. Dumped cold water on him. He got up very quickly and punched a hole in the wall. Learned another new phrase but will not repeat it.

September 15 - Did a room search today. Found: 37 packs of cigarettes, 10 cans of chewing tobacco, 3 Tupac’ CDs, and 4 dirty magazines.

September 18 - Went to Dr. today. Had a severe rash under my arms. Turns out it was caused by the deodorant provided by the home. It was manufactured in the USSR in 1942 and somehow 137 cases found thier way to the home. I am sure the donor got a substantial tax deduction. To this day, no one is sure of what’s in it.

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