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The Diary of a Child Care Worker

July 1 - Talked to my wife today. I feel this overwhelming desire to serve society. She seemed somewhat nervous about my ideas, but wasn’t negative. I will work on her some more later.

July 4 - Off from work - spent the day surfing the Internet. Found a really cool website. The Houseparent Network. It has lots of cool stuff about childcare. There seems to be lots of places to work and the pay is not too bad either. They give you a place to live, food to eat, and vehicle to drive. What more could you ask for. I think I will pursue this more.

July 5 - I E-mailed several facilities. One responded right away. The director thought we were very qualified, and felt my childhood experiences would serve me well as a child care worker.

July 7 - Finished proposal to my wife. Pointed out all the positives. We can spend more time together. I will be home every day to help her with the kids, kitchen staff, free food, free shampoo, deodorant, and other personal items. Recreation, Recreation, Recreation!!! She seemed much more positive.

July 8 - Called back the Director of Good Servant Children’s Home. He is sending us an application.

July 12 - Received a large package today - very excited.

July 18 - Completed 34 page application. Notarized in six places. Included finger prints, blood & hair samples, 15 written character references from family and friends that have known us since birth (including kindergarten teacher and OB nurse), resume, statement of faith, photos from the last ten years, driver's license, birth certificate, social security card, High School, Jr. High, & Elementary school diplomas. Spent $48.00 to overnight 12 pound package back to Good Servant. They said they would call when they receive it.

July 22 - Called Good Servant today, wondering if our application was lost. Hoping it wasn’t because I am still recovering from carpal tunnel surgery from completing the first one. They received it on the 19th, but the director left on a week long camping trip with the kids will call when he gets back.

July 29 - Called Good Servant again. Talked to the director. He looked at our application and wants us to come and visit. He apologized for not calling, said something about being busy making plans to attend National Convention of Child Care Administrators in Hawaii.

August 10 - Leaving tomorrow to visit Good Servant. We will be there for two days meeting the kids and staff. Not sure what to expect.

August 11 - Arrived at Good Servant. Everyone seemed really nice. The director seems real laid back. Told us how good the kids are. Met some of the kids, funny thing though, a lot of the kids were gone, some sort of monthly visit. I would have thought they would plan our visit when they were there. The kids we met seemed very well behaved. We ate in the dining hall, excellent food. The director says they eat like that all the time. The other houseparents seemed real excited to have us there. They all seemed to have a glean in their eye. We feel really good about this position.

August 12 - Woke early this morning. I’m very excited to spend another day with the kids. Spent the morning meeting with the director. He told us he was looking at several couples, but that we were one of the top candidates. He would let us know after we met with the campus counselor. Spoke to the counselor for about an hour and had to take a written test. It is supposed to tell how honest we are. He said we were a little whacked, but fell within the parameters of a child care worker. Spent the afternoon with the kids. Everyone in the home went to the local water park. We had a lot of fun. The director was sure to point out that there are not many jobs where you get paid to play. We departed after supper with a feeling of joy. We were offered the position and without hesitation we accepted, we just knew this was the place for us. The opportunity to change the lives of the children almost brought me to tears. As we left the building I thought I heard the sound of laughter, but I think it was the birds singing and sharing our joy.

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