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The Diary of a Child Care Worker

Written By Michael Hyde, Webmaster-The Houseparent Network

Illustrated by Jerry Taylor, MCE

©   Copyright 2001, The Houseparent Network

Message from the Author

The Diary of a Child Care Worker is a booklet created as a joint project between me and my administrator. It was written purely for entertainment, in the spirit that humor makes a difficult job easier. People that have worked in residential child care will most appreciate it, you that are just starting soon will. The illustrations were done by my administrator back when he was a houseparent. The story is based in part on my experiences over the years, the experiences of other houseparents I have known, and parts are down right FICTION!! Depending on your experience, there may be parts of the story you can't relate to. But, I think anyone who has ever been a child care worker can totally relate to others.

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©   Copyright 2001, The Houseparent Network

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