“Ya, or We Could Just Stay Married!”

My wife and I were watching a rerun episode of “Roseanne” last night. In this episode Dan her husband had decided to purchase a motorcycle shop even though his original partner had backed out. This business required at least two people to work it and Dan was trying to figure out how to make it work with just him. Rosanne suggested that she quit here job and then, they could get up together, go to work together, take coffee break together, have lunch together and come home together. Dan’s response was, Ya, or we could just stay married. That episode really hit home this morning as I was storming out of the cottage, hollering over my shoulder, I’m going to work outside.

Those of us that work as houseparents with our spouses, have something most normal couples do not: Virtually zero time apart. Even when we are running in separate directions with appointments and school events, we are so synchronized as a team that there doesn’t seem to be any separation.

I could never understand why a couple would even consider taking separate vacations until I became a houseparent. Now, though I love my wife very much and would never trade her for anyone else, even if I could possibly find somebody that could stand to be around me for any length of time, I very much look forward to the occasional weekend fishing trip, or when she takes our daughter on a weekend Mother/Daughter trip. We spend so much time together that we really do need time apart. Separation really does make the heart grow fonder.

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