Why can’t people respect other people’s stuff?

After a particularly stressful last two weeks which has me in one of my negative moods anyway, I wake up this morning to find that somebody from an IP address that is from South America has hacked into my forum and deleted one of my topics. They obviously were just trying to show that they could break in and annoy me, because they could have just as easily deleted the entire forum. Apparently this same thing has happened to other sites with the same forum software because I found some posts on the support site by people with the same problem.

I have been running this site for almost 6 years and it is becoming increasingly more frustrating to keep things going. I get almost 300 pieces of spam everyday because spammers get my e-mail address off my website. It is a constant struggle to adjust the filter to keep out the spam while letting my real E-mail pass through. Just about the time you get the settings right, spammers change their strategy and all of a sudden your either loaded up on spam or filtering important E-mails.

I have had my directory (hundreds of hours of research) stolen and posted by an individual that claimed to be a Christian on his own website in an attempt to compete with me.

I have had my forum hacked a few times, and they have never left it in better condition than when they found it. It is days like today that make me wonder if it wouldn’t be better just to sell this site and let somebody else have the headaches. I probably won’t, but I can say that venting does make me feel better.

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