Weekend Retreat

If you were wondering why there has been nothing added to the site in almost a week, here is the reason:

My wife and I went on a childless & computer-less retreat to Gulf Shores, Alabama to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. We spent the weekend walking on the beach, having romantic dinners, talking, and just being together.  It was so very relaxing and we both feel renewed and ready to go back into the cottage to care for all our children.

After more than six years since we were last without any children for more than a day, I can honestly say it was very good therapy for people that spend everyday with many children.  Sometimes the only thing that can rejuvenate you and give you a fresh perspective is when you take some time away.  After this weekend I have come to the conclusion that this is something we need to do more often, and hope to do at least once a year.

If you are feeling tired and worn out, take a break.  If you have birth children, leave them at home also (with proper supervision of course, and just spend some time relaxing, reflecting and rejuvenating.

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