Vomit Fest III

It seems that our annual bought with a stomach virus has begun. 5 of our 10 children have come down with it this last week. Not a lot of fun especially considering all the things we have to do this time of the year and all the things they have to miss when they are sick.

Tonight our two youngest children had to miss a Christmas party for the second time this week. They will still get their gifts from the parties so there shouldn’t be too many ill effects from their absence. They were feeling much better this evening which was really good, but the best thing about the evening was that it was just the three us and I was able to give them some very good undivided attention. Capping off the evening with sitting close on the couch watching TV before sending them off to bed.

It sucks that they had to be sick, but it was nice to be able to spend some special time with them.

P.S. Everyone just got back from the party and now my wife can be added to the list of casualties. Hope I miss it this year like she did last year.

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