The Daytona 500 NASCAR Race

This entry doesn’t have a lot to do with residential childcare other than to say it’s OK to have somethings that you do that are fun to do with the children but also something that can be an escape.

Normally, the children and I after church on Sundays, spend the afternoon watching the NASCAR race and cheering for our favorite drivers.  It is something we look forward to and enjoy doing as a cottage activity.  It can get pretty wild because in group as large as we have, there are several different drivers that are being cheered for. 

However, this weekend the children will have to watch it on TV by themselves because I won a pair of tickets to the Daytona 500 and will spend the weekend in Florida watching the racing action live and in person.  Also there will not be any updates to the website over the weekend.  I will be back Monday evening and should have something new then.

I am starting to feel like a world traveler having been on three different trips in the last two months, but it all comes to an end this weekend.  Then it will be back to the push to finish out the school year, helping to keep the short timers focused on their behaviors and school work in anticipation of going home this summer, and preparing for awards banquet,  a busy summer of camps, visiting work groups, and all the other PR events that will be coming up. 

We’ll be busy, but at least we’ll have our weekly break on Sunday afternoons as we each cheer our driver to victory lane.

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