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I have been a houseparent for 10 years and in that time I have had to experience two boys hang themselves at the facility (not in our house) we worked at.  At the time of each of their deaths we the staff thought they were suicides.  I have since come to believe through research that they were probably playing “The Choking Game” by themselves like so many children are doing today.

I think as houseparents this is one of the important topics we should be educated about.  Many of the children that we care for are very susceptible to play “The Choking Game” as well as many other risky behaviors.  We need to be prepared to deal with these behaviors.

Yesterday I received an E-mail about a non-profit organization (Stop the Choking Game Association) that is working to educate children and adults of the dangers of this behavior.  Their website has many resources about “The Choking Game” also known as the Passout game, Space Monkey and Black out, including down-loadable brochures and “Powerpoint” presentations, statistics, stories about victims, recommended books and links to other resources.

I think every person that works with children as well as every parent should learn about the dangers of this behavior.  Maybe we can prevent the death of a child we love.

Their website is:

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