My Bucket List

I just saw previews of a new movie that got me thinking about life all over again. The movie stars Freeman and Nicholson and looks like it may turn out to be a good flick.

The part that has got me thinking is the basic plot of the movie; two guys, dying of cancer make a “Wish to do list”. Of course one of them is filthy rich and able to dish out the bucks for a little globe trotting.

The way I figure it, at best, I have only about 50 more years to get done whatever I want to do. Factor in my McDonald’s diet and it would appear I have less than 8 years to change the world.

Having said that, here is what I wish to accomplish before going home to glory.

1. Open a Boys Home.

2. Build a house.

3. Ride a Motorcycle from Key West, Florida to Alaska.  

4. Blow up a car. (It’s my list and it can be as creepy as I want it to be).

5. Build a Church.

6. Kayak down the Mississippi.

7. Start an alternative school for kids that can’t function in a already poor public school system.

8. Start a web site that would give positive reviews of Child Care facilities across the US to better help potential and current HP’s trying to find a place to fit in.

9. Home-school my daughter.

10. Collect hot sauce (Long Story).

11. Go deep sea fishing.

12. Go fishing with explosives.

13. Go fishing in a stream with one of them cattle prod things.

14. Write a book.

15. Smoke a Cuban Cigar.

16. Learn Greek.

17. Read Old and New Testament completely thru, front to back without missing a word. (Leviticus always throws me off).

18. Ride to Oceanside, California.

19. See one of my kids earn a Bachelors degree.

20. Find a good web site to buy my Bachelors degree from.

21. See the Alamo.

22. See the Grand Canyon and throw something in it. (A rock, cat, stick, etc…)

23. Drive a drag car.

24. Wear a gay pride t-shirt to a NASCAR event. (Hey Mike, I got tickets to Atlanta want to go?).  

25. Lose 45 pounds.

That’s what I have for now. Some of this stuff is actually in the works (#1 and #9). Others may have to wait until I complete the rest of the bucket list and I’m ready to check out. (#24) -Launch