New Kid In Town

Snot nosed kid

Nothing beats the feeling of having a new kid come in to the house. You all know what I’m talking about, the “Honeymoon Period”.

The first initial days everyone is on their best behaviors. It’s like a warm spring day, full of promise and joy. It’s a time when all the HP’s walk around saying “He’s the best kid in the house, I want to adopt him”.

Then at some point, usually within the first two weeks, cold hard reality settles in. The perfect kid that could do no wrong becomes exactly what you thought he was not- human.

We just got the perfect kid in today. He has been on campus for quite some time and is very familiar with all the staff and campus life. He is actually transferring from another cottage because of his age. He is the perfect child, at the moment.

Instead of dreading the conclusion of this honeymoon, I’m gonna enjoy it. Take the good moments while I can and deal with the issues as they come. In the past I got into a bad habit of waiting for the hammer to drop.

But I have to admit that after his first day here, he really is the most well behaved kid in the house….. -Launch