Lets see, in the past week we have went to see guys do back flips on motorcycles, taken at least five bike rides, camped out all night in the living room, and ate at McDonalds twice. But guess what? It all SUCKED!!! At least according to Rodney who was speaking on behalf of the larger student body in our cottage.

Yep, seeing a guy do a back flip on motorcycle did not impress the lads. Eating out at Mickey D’s could not satisfy their hunger pains. It was all for naught.

Most facilities I know have at least one summer vacation, get several events such as concerts or fairs, and Christmas is usually insane with the amount of presents the kids receive from donors. But for the most part, the kids could care less.

Take the kid in the above picture. On his own accord, he stuck his chubby little noggin thru the back of his desk-seat. A highly skilled quick reaction team is assembled to free the boy, two Janitors, one Lunch Lady and the Principal. All here to help out this budding MIT candidate. Once the desk is off his head do you think he’ll even say thanks? Probably not. He will probably complain about the bruising around his neck and the fact the Janitor nicked him with the hack-saw as he was removing the chair. (Bet you didn’t think I was going to be able to tie in the graphic with the blog, did you? Oh ye of little faith).

I have tried over the years to figure out why so many of the kids are ungrateful about what they get a chance to see and do. Some of the theories I have pondered are the following:

1. The “System”- Most of the kids were taken out of some really bad situations. They received little attention from the adults who were supposed to be caring and loving them. But once in the system the kids meet nothing but adults who are trying to help them and give them a better opportunity to enjoy their childhood. It’s like system overload. I often wonder if this is the thought process of some of the kids, “Yesterday I was eating rotting food out of the fridge and today I have a lawyer, a caseworker AND were going to Disney Land next weekend. It’s like Gangsta Paradise up in here G”.

2. Us, as in you and me- I’ll admit my heart goes out to all kids who are without the benefit of being raised by their family. Sometimes I do try and compensate for such a crappy predicament as they have found themselves in. Kids see this and take advantage or I just spoil them to the core. I really don’t like the thought of either one of those scenarios.

3. Survivor Mentality- With only the occasional rare exception, the kids will hustle you like a Gringo full of high school Spanish classes in Tijuana. Learning to lie can help you avoid being beaten, get what you want and control a little of your situation. Maybe the same goes for showing gratitude. To show gratitude would be a connection to someone else that you know is just going to leave or disappoint you in the long run.

4. They really are just a bunch of spoiled brats- I start thinking this way just before respite. Thats also about the same time I start thinking the kids are out to get me and wife is trying to poison me with the out dated milk in the fridge.

I don’t know why so many of the kids are as ungrateful as they are. All I do know is it’s frustrating trying to figure out something they would actually like to do.

Anyway, gotta go and get ready to take my little band of critics to a movie, which is already doomed to suck. -Launch