Politics And Dinner

Obama & McCain

I try to keep the boys up to date on all current events. Every night at dinner we talk about what is happening in the world and play trivia, it has just became a part of our cottage tradition. If we have a busy night and we don’t have our current events talk, everyone is lost.

One area I have stayed clear away from has been politics. Working in a largely evangelical setting and expressing any doubts or questions about the current Bush administration is a little uncomfortable to say the least.

I also don’t know how to respond to the boys when they ask me if I’m a Democrat or Republican. Most of my life has been firmly entrenched in the Republican ranks. I think I’m still Republican, just a little “Bushed out” at the moment.

Like most thirty something year olds reading this blog, my earliest memories were of a time when being President was the highest honor you could ever achieve. Ronald Reagan was the most powerful man in the world. The Gipper fought the Cold War single handed, ate jelly beans by the fistful and hung out with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In my 7 year old mind, President Reagan was larger than life.

On top of all that he took a bullet to the chest and checked himself into the hospital. I imagined he just took a few shots of white lightning and dug the bullet out with one of his Presidential pens. Thats some old hardcore cowboy stuff.

Remember Mohmmar Qadaffi? To refresh your memory he was a a Libyan terrorist that attempted to pull some punk moves on old Ron. The president set him straight by putting a cruise missile through the front door of his house. That did it for me- Ronald Reagan was the toughest man in the universe.

Even though there were the Contra hearings and he seriously underestimated/ under acted on the emerging threat of AIDS, we were proud of him. We knew who and what he was. If the President said it was so, it was so.

Nowadays the boys want to know and talk about Iraq. They want to know why the war is so controversial. They want to know why there is so much talk about getting a new president now and what the new guys want to do different.

It gives us a lot to talk about, and I find that having to keep all of my own personal opinions out of the conversation and just talk about the facts with the boys has actually helped me to form a clearer opinion of some candidates that I thought a few months ago were a bunch of flakes.

I’m hoping the race comes down to John McCain and Barak Obama. That, in my opinion will give probably some of the best debate a presidential election has had since the early 80’s. The boys are pulling for John Edwards, but I heard he just dropped out. (Tomorrows dinner conversation).

With a little luck maybe we will live to see a day when a President is once again someone a 7 year old can look up too. -Launch