Why Yes, It Really Is A Two By Four Stuck Up My Butt

I try really hard to focus on the positive aspects of the people around me. I know there are people at every facility that makes everyone else wonder why they are even HP’s. This blog is about them kind of people- with no apologies.

They are usually the ones that are overbearing, egotistical and are just plain creepy when you get down to it. This particular couple never has a kind word to say about anyone or anything. In their mind the facility, the program and everyone involved in it are heading straight for the very bowels of Hell.

They will also go on to tell you that they have raised something like a billjillion dysfunctional children and they know better than everyone else because of their extensive two year background as House Parents.

I really try to stay clear of people I run across that are more concerned with complaining and destroying something than they are of working for a change. I just don’t like the karma these freaks kick up and I always feel dirty after sitting there listening to them talking about how everyone else sucks. Sometimes I just can’t get away quick enough.

This past week I have had to watch some very dedicated and professional House Parents get hammered by a another couple they work with. The other couple has a long history of not working well with others and most people have gotten to the point that we just ignore the senseless crap they spew about everything they come into contact with. But this time is different.

Lets call the dedicated couple, Couple A. The demented couple we will call, Couple B.

Couple A has had great success with their kids. They play with them, teach fairness and have worked very hard at building relationships with the children in their care. As a result, the kids have become attached to Couple A and generally do well while they are on shift. The kids actually “Like” and talk fondly of them.

Couple B is almost completely opposite. The are strict, believe being fair with a kid is a weakness and they constantly look for ways to dig up dirt or take down Couple A. When a supervisor is around they try to act like professional HP’s, but drop sarcastic remarks and ineundos throughout the conversation.

The good thing about this is that Couple B has a history of being Jerks and it really is only a matter of time before they burn their last bridge. The bad thing about this is I don’t know how long Couple A can hold on. They are fairly new to this ministry, but have made a huge impact on the kids they work with. They are really good and believe in what they do. However, they are seeing the dark side of “Christian” non-profit work. If we lose this couple it will be a victory for Satan.

So Couple B is now on my hit list. Instead of sitting back and listening to the moaning and groaning, I’m going to politely tell them where they can stick all the negativity they exorb at every staff meeting or get together. I will let them know, as I hope others will start doing, that to lie and to try and hurt someone else because you think they are more successful than you, is as Un-Christian as it gets.

Please pray for this young couple. For all the others out there that can never say or do anything positive- Put a cork in it. -Launch