Sometimes it’s Best Just to Keep Your Mouth Shut

Thursday was our annual “Open House” at the facility I work at.  It is the largest event of the year and takes a ton of work to get ready for.  There’s also things you have to do afterwards to get back to normal.

One job is to return the golf-carts, we use for transporting guests, back to the golf-cart shop.  That was the job I wanted.  I thought it to be more prestigious than the other jobs and more fun.  I didn’t get that job.  They called me to go and help return the dining hall to it’s usual condition; something I didn’t want to do.

However, I thought it best just to keep my mouth shut and do what I was asked to do.  It took us a total of 36 minutes to set up.  When we were done, we were free to do what ever.  For me that was delivering angel tree gifts our church members had purchased so that some less fortunate children would have a better Christmas.  My wife and I returned from that about the same time the golf-cart people finished their job.  It took over two hours to return those carts.

It wasn’t hard to recognize which was the better job that morning and I was very glad I kept my mouth shut.

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