Some Pretty Good Reads

It seems that it is very easy to find articles about how bad residential care can be. It is kind of refreshing to find something that actually reinforces the good that we try to do. Here are a couple of articles that are published on other websites that I think anyone dealing with policy concerning residential care should read, because the studies show that it is actually a pretty good option for many children.

The Best Thing About Orphanages

was published in “The Wall Street Journal” on January 14th, 2010.  It discusses the positives of residential/orphanage care.

 Study Suggests Orphanages Are Not So Bad

was published in “The New York Times” on December 17th, 2009.  It discusses a study of orphanages that show children raised in residential care do as well and sometimes better than children raised in family/foster care. 

I truly hope those that are in charge of making policy will eventually understand that for some children, residential care is not only a good option but the best option.

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