Question #9 10/26/2006 Would it be Appropriate to Bring a Hostess Gift to an Interview?

My husband and I are visiting a children’s home for an interview and will be staying at one of the cottages/homes. Would it be polite or inappropriate to bring a hostess gift? Would it be best to bring it and just leave it behind with a thank you note or present it up front? Thanks!  heidismom

This question is totally out of my area of expertise, so I asked my wife and my neighbor, whom I consider my etiquette expert, and this is what they say:

My wife felt that it wouldn’t be inappropriate, but she wasn’t really sure it would be necessary either.  We have never left a hostess gift at any of the facilities we have interviewed with, however we are also from a less formal culture where hostess gifts are not usually given.

My neighbor said that it depends on what the gift is.  If it is something that is consumed it should be given up front so they have an opportunity to share it with you.  If it is not something consumed, she would probably leave it with a thank you note when she left.

They both felt if a gift is given, it should be something simple.  You don’t want to give the impression that you are trying to influence anybody’s decision, by giving gifts.

Hope this helps!

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