Question #3 6/30/2006 Services for Older Youth

I have a 19yr old daughter that has no high school diploma, got kicked out of job corps. We live in Connecticut how could I help her?  Sincerely –  Help me

This is one area within the system that is very lacking – services for youth that would be “aged out” of any system yet still in need of services.  Unless she has a drug/alcohol problem or is a mother, there probably are not many programs for her.  You may want to contact your local government agency that governs social programs (Department of Family Services, Department of Human Services, Child Protective Service or whatever it is called in your state) they may know what services are available in your local area. 

I would also contact the local Junior College or public school.  They may know of local education or job training programs that are available.  Finally you may want to contact local charities like “Boys & Girls clubs, United Way, etc.” or your local Church.

If anybody has any other ideas or you would like to add something, just register and add your comments.  If you know of a program for youth over 18 please let us know. 

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