Question #13 – 1/9/2007 How do we go about Starting a New Facility?

Do you have some resources for informing us how to go about becoming a privately funded children’s home? Especially dealing with siblings? My heart is overwhelmed with the need to keep children together to grow in an family environment . What are the possibilities of Gov. grants, and do we have to file non-profit first and than pursue the vision of a group home? Any direction would be greatly appreciated
Thanks freedom

You should start by contacting your local government agency responsible for licensing residential facilities.  They are usually the same people that license Foster Homes.  They will be able to provide you with all the regulations and requirements for your state.  Each state has different regulations for licensing facilities.I would next contact other facilities that are located in your state.  Many are willing to share information and give a newcomer a leg up.  I know of a facility in Georgia called Eagle Ranch that has a program for people wanting to start a new facility called the “Wings Initiative.”  You can check out their website at you may want to hire a consultant.  There are several: two that I am familiar with are Charles D. Appelstein and James R. Harris, Jr., 

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