Question #1 6/14/2006 Pre-service Training

Since I don’t want to start this section with a blank page I have decided to use a question asked of me a few months ago through E-mail.

I have been put on a committee to help put together a pre service training curriculum for our facility and on going training and would love to get some help from you in this area, Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. My first thought was to come up with about 10 topics first and then fill in information and why each is important to house parenting. I was thinking about professionalism, consistency, relationship building, tolerance levels, cultural awareness, preventative teaching and how your relationship can affect that and make it better, being a good listener, just things that make up a positive house parent experience for the staff and the young people in our care.  Thanks D. B.

The following are some of the topics I think are important to include in pre-service training of houseparents:

  1. Facility Mission and Philosophy
    1. Their views on house management
    2. Philosophy on discipline.
    3. Philosophy on childcare, etc.  (This way all staff is working from the same sheet of music.)
  2. Facility Policies and Procedures.  (I have always been amazed at the number of facilities that put staff to work with out letting them know what the policies are.)
  3. Behavioral Management Training. (Even if a facility does not use restraints, the de-escalation training that goes with the training is invaluable.)
  4. Child Development of Normal vs. Troubled Children.  (Children that are abused and neglected do not develop in the same way.  Charles Appestein discusses this in his book No such thing as a bad kid.  It is also being discussed in another book I am currently reading Raising other people kids)
  5. Dealing with specific behaviors: Bed Wetting, public masturbation, sexual acting out, fighting, stealing, etc.
  6. Those other topics you listed are good and should be incorporated.

I now open it up to the users of The Houseparent Network.  What do you think would be good topics for Pre-service training? 

If anybody has any other ideas or you would like to add something, just register and add your comments.
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