My First Cottage in Mississippi

This is a picture of the first cottage we worked at when we moved to Mississippi.  It is an all boys cottage.  We worked in it for about 15 months.  When we left it, we were starting a new program for the facility we work at.  It was a nice cottage that had 5 bedrooms for children, 3 bedrooms for staff, and 5 total bathrooms.  I am guessing the square footage at around 5,000.  It is a pretty nice cottage and was even better when I left.  I remodeled the laundry room and it is still my wife’s favorite.

Buchanan Cottage

If there is anybody out there that would like to e-mail me a picture and description of the cottage/house/home they work in, I would be more than happy to post it here in the blog.  I will maintain your privacy and will not post any personal information.  I will only identify what state the building is in.  Send me your address with it and I will send you a printed copy of “A Diary of a Childcare Worker”

You can E-mail me at You can check out the online version of “A Diary of a Childcare Worker” by Clicking Here.

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