Melted Potato Stuff

The home that we work in has a food service that prepares several of our meals during the week. This time of the year we eat most of our meals in the cottage because we are busy doing things preparing for the Holidays. When we eat in the cottage the kitchen will put our food in foil pans and deliver it to the cottage.

Last evening’s meal was quite delicious, and I am not complaining in any way. But, when we opened it we found in one of the pans what we thought was white country gravy. After removing the plastic we quickly discovered that it was actually runny instant mashed potatoes. I didn’t have much of an appetite for it but most of the kids loved it.

One of the boys while spooning a large portion onto his plate looked at it for a while and said, “This stuff looks like melted potatoes.” A good number of the kids went back for seconds and thirds and each time they would ask, “Can I have some more of that melted potato stuff?” and then they would giggle. I not sure we will ever be able to eat regular mashed potatoes again.

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