Just Some Updates

It’s been a while since I have posted so I just thought I would give some updates.

Things are pretty crazy for us (my wife, family and I) right now because we are in a period of transition.  We have officially gone from being houseparents back to being foster-parents. We start moving out of the cottage on Thursday and I will be starting as a full time computer tech/webmaster next week.

I will keep working on The Houseparent Network and will hopefully have more time to write about my previous experiences as well as research other issues relating to houseparenting.

We have several new members to The Houseparent Community these last couple of weeks, hopefully they will start posting and we can get some activity going on there.  For those that care, in June when the chat service expires, I will not be renewing it.  It does not get enough use to justify the expense.

“The Houseparent Network” group on Facebook is up to 16 members.  If you are already on facebook and looking to connect with others please join the group.  Just do a search for “The Houseparent Network” and it will come right up.

I am still reading a new book and hopefully will have a review posted for it, in a week or so.

That’s all I have for now, please stay tuned.

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  1. I don’t know if you can help, but I am trying to find a forum where I can get several responses on my situation. I am a counselor personally, so I know the benefit in talking with people who have been through similar things, to work out my own feelings. We just left a home in November. We were very stressed while there, but God always came through to get to the next month. We had a 2 yr commitment. They decided they would take 6-8 children in instead of 4 (the original commitment)…younger children. My husband and I did not think we could handle that…we were already dealing with a very difficult child, plus I was homeschooling my own son, and son was really stressed from it all, my husband and I weren’t doing good, etc. Anyhow, we gave notice but agreed to stay until she got someone..we did not want to leave her with all the kids. Well, it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was very attached to the 2yr old. We had him and sister since he was 14mths. The stress of thinking about coping with 6 young ones, babies, my son, etc. was enough to motivate us to say we would need to leave…but I really thought the little one would be adopted out by then..anyhow..I am working so hard to get him out of my heart..I miss him so much…I know the new houseparents are doing well and he is happy..but guilt of not staying until he was placed, and missing him are things I get over for a day or two then they come back. I was allowed to call once and visit once..she said wait after holidays to visit again…I think she is hoping I will get over it…because she is not sure it is the best thing for him..I am starting to wonder as well. He was so attached to me.. and it took a few weeks but he is calling them mama and dada now..one person said “is there some long term purpose to visiting” saying that if I was going to adopt them that would be one thing..but if not they need to move on..eventually they will go with adopted parents and they will not allow visits.
    We can’t adopt, my husband says no..because neither of us could handle the 5 yr old sisters fits and they must go together.

    any comments or “I know how you feels”, etc…just wanting to talk it out, hoping that will help me as I work on trusting God that he has delivered him from any rejection and given him peace.

    At times I hear just let go..other times I hear, do whatever you can to visit, and let them know you are still here.

    thank you for your time

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