It’s Gotta Be Loud!!!

My wife and I have discovered that one effect of living in a children’s home/group home is that you and your children get used to it being loud all the time, and sometimes tend to be loud themselves.  We have now been out of the cottage for almost 5 months, and it seems we are still adjusting to the change that has come to our lives.

The other night we were playing Uno for “Family Fun Night”, and our foster daughter was commenting on how quite things were while we were and wanted to start blasting the radio so it wasn’t so quiet.  She had lived in the children’s home since she was 18 months old and had never really experienced life in a house with less than 10 people in it.  My 16 year old birth daughter, that also basically grew up in a children’s home, agreed with her.  My wife and I found the quiet relaxing, they found it annoying.

Our 5 year old grandson that spent more time at the cottage with us than he did with his Mom (She worked and is a student) is a very loud child.  We think that the time he spent with us in the home is a major factor in his Loudness.  We believe that he discovered that the way for him to get noticed in a crowd was to be louder than everybody else.  I just hope that he can lower the volume as he discovers he doesn’t need to be as loud.

Anyway for those of you thinking about becoming a houseparent, realize it is going to be loud more often than it’s not.  For those that are houseparents, you know what I mean.

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