I hate having to Communicate!!!

It sucks, it really does.  You have all these thoughts you would like to share with others and they sound really good in your head, but when you say it; it’s not exactly what you meant to say. Or you say exactly what you meant to say and the person listening or reading it; doesn’t understand it or misses the context.

People continually make judgements based on attempted communication and it seems that we often get it wrong.  We also hurt people’s feelings with our communication, not meaning to.  We say the wrong things to children, not meaning to be hurtful.  We yell at our spouses out of frustration.  We totally misunderstand what other people say to us, or what we think they said to us. 

Being a good talker doesn’t make for good communication; the hearer has to be able to understand what’s said.  Nor does being a good writer; the reader has to be able to get the message.  Being a good listener doesn’t help if the speaker isn’t able to say what they mean, and being a good reader is useless if the writer uses the wrong words. It seems that communication is an exercise in futility, yet it is something we must continue to try to do.  Without it there is no family, community or society, there would only be individuals.  So, I guess I will just press on, and hope that we all get better at, or come up with some collective consciousness that transfers thoughts without errors. 

Note: for all those that didn’t get this and think I have lost my mind; this is my attempt to communicate using sarcasm & humor, I hope you understand.

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