I Had a Revelation

The Houseparent Network is 5 weeks short of being 5 years online. In those 5 years my site has grown into a fairly large website in relation to all the websites on the internet. It will never be a Yahoo or a Monster, but I can live with that. It will however have over a quarter of a million visitors and over one million page views this year. Taking into account the number of people that visit my site, (here comes my revelation) not everybody is going to agree with everything I post on my website. Some people may not agree with anything I post on this website. I think I have finally reach the point that I can live with that too.

I also realize that those people that disagree with me may start their own websites and post things that I disagree with or even find offensive. Considering that more people will visit this site today than most of those sites all year, I really should have no reason to feel threatened. There is room on the internet for all views and people are free to share them.

It will however NOT change the way I do things here at The Houseparent Network.

I will continue to focus on helping facilities find quality staff and to help those looking to become staff have the greatest opportunity to find a position in a facility that fits them and is a good fit for the facility regardless of whether the facility is Christian or Secular/Private or Government run.

I will continue to work to grow the size of my facility directory and try to keep it and my state government directory up-to-date.

I will still try to maintain a positive focus in my articles, blog entries, and forum. I will not allow negative comments against any facility, person or residential childcare in general. I will leave that to the regular media that will put an abusive staff member or facility on the front page and the successful ones buried in the “News Around Town” section somewhere in the back or those websites that wish to focus on it. Though I do remove facilities that are found to be abusive from my directory.

I will still post information and resources that I think are useful to other residential child care staff, realizing not everybody will find it useful.

I would like to end by thanking everybody that has made the site such a success and hope you continue to find it useful as it continues to grow. And for those that don’t, I truly hope you find or create one that you find useful.

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