Houseparent Salary Comparison

I have had several people contact me wondering about the average salary for houseparents.  The most recent thing that I can find was done by the Child Welfare League of America back in 2003 so I decided to make a comparison of my own of all the listed salaries found in the job listings on my website from January 1, 2006 to now (November 27, 2007).

 Let me start by saying that this is not a scientific sampling based on all the facilities in the country, but I think it is still a close representation of the average salaries throughout the country.  From 1/1/06 until 11/27/07 I had 168 job listings on The Houseparent Network.  Of those, 83 listings did not include a posted salary so I excluded them from the sampling, which left me with 85 listings. 

 Note: All salaries listed are per individual.  If you are paid as a couple multiply these averages by two to compare it to your salary.  Also many facilities listed a range of salaries, so I also express my averages as a range.  I am also making the assumption that the salary listed by the facility is the cash salary and not total package.

 The mean average (pure average) salary for a houseparent is $19,419-20,653 per year.  The Median average (half the salaries are less, half are more) salary for a houseparent is $18,500-20,000 per year.

 The lowest salary in the sampling was for a listing that listed a per couple salary of $1,000 a month.  The highest salary was for a listing in 2006 that listed a per couple salary of $75,000-$80,000 per couple per year (of course they were also wanting you to have a master’s degree in a social services field.). 

 I took my calculations a bit further and averaged the lowest and highest 21 salaries (25% of the sampling).  The Mean average for the lowest 21 salaries is $12,315-12,893 per year.  The Mean average for the highest 21 salaries is $26.988-29,412 per year.  I also tried a mean average by removing the 10 highest and lowest salaries to see if the salaries on the extremes had a significant effect on the results, but the results were insignificant when compared to the original calculations that included all the data.

I have also posted this in my “Members Only” section and included a pdf with a sorted list of all the salaries I used in my calculations. 

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