George Washington and Personal Convictions

I was reading the paper today and it had a special section to commemorate Presidents Day.  There was a section on President Washington the father of our country.  It talked about how he was a slave owner but, later in life he began to believe that slavery was wrong and as a result left in his will that his slaves be freed after the death of his wife. 

I did some further research on the internet and learned that it was about the time he became president that he really believed slavery was wrong, but that he didn’t do anything publicly about it because he was worried it would harm our newly formed country and cause what would eventually happen 74 years later.

This whole thing has forced me into a quandary. Is it OK to ignore something you personally believe to be wrong for what you believe to be the good of the country or in the case of most of us a home, organization, business, community or state. 

As far as our personal lives, to believe something to be wrong but wait until our death, when we wouldn’t have to live with the discomfort of doing the right thing, to do what we believe to be the right thing.  Had president Washington freed his slaves at the point he believed slavery to be wrong, he probably would have lost a good deal of his wealth, because paying labor costs was much more expensive than owning slaves, though he did also in his will provide for his freed slaves financially (the children until they became of age, and others into old age). 

I again have to look at my life and personal convictions and determine if there are convictions I am overlooking either to protect something/someone or for the greater good of whatever and if there is; is it something I can live with?  There probably are some I can and some I can’t, but I would venture to say that every person that reads this would be in the same boat if they really thought about it. 

Definitely something to think about!  And I hope you will with me.

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