Free Book – How to Survive the Economic Meltdown

Since I have many Christian readers, I thought I would share a free resource that is directed specifically at them, though I believe the principles in the book can benefit everybody.  For those that aren’t interested in Christian resources you need to know that the book is written from a Christian perspective and references many Christian doctrines and Bible texts, so it’s probably not for you.

The book is called “How to Survive the Economic Meltdown: Practical and Spiritual Strategies for You and Your Friends” and is written by Patrick Morley, PhD.  He is also the author of “The Man in the Mirror.” 

I haven’t finished reading the book, but what I have read so far I have found to be informative and beneficial.  I am going to load the book onto my phone so I can read it in the van during my school runs this week.  It is in pdf format so you can read it on your computer or print it out and read the hard copy, or if you have a smartphone you can load it on there.  If you are planning to print it, I will warn you now that it is 106 pages long so you will need lots of paper.

For more information on downloading the book for free  in pdf format go to  You can also purchase printed copies of the book and check out many other resources.

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