Finally on Relief Again!!!

I realize there may be super houseparents out there that never need days off, but I do.  Today was our first day off in over two months and it could not have come soon enough. 

I realized just how tired I was when instead of doing my usual first day off routine of running all over town hanging out in my favorite stores by myself or starting right away working on my house, I sat down in my chair and fell asleep. I didn’t sleep for long, only about an hour, but that is something I seldom do.  I was then able to go and mow my lawn that was almost two feet tall from not being mowed in almost two months.  I am sure glad my house is in the country and there are no neighborhood commitees to bother me about my lawn length.

Being a houseparent sometimes means being very busy and having the kids out of school even more so.  It can also mean some very long shifts depending on staffing and other circumstances.  I am sure this relief will be extra special since it was so long since the last one.

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