So far we are right on schedule for the holiday recovery. The biggest issue we had was a six year old that cried off and on throughout the night because he missed his Grandparents, who are also the guardians.

My heart really went out to him and his family. Danny actually has some very loving and caring Grandparents. They are good people and honestly want nothing but the best for Danny, but they are very elderly and realize that they just are not physically capable of raising him. If they were able to do it, they would.

It’s hard to watch them drop Danny off after a visit because you know this is one family that has done everything in their power to keep the kids, but ultimately came to a point where medical problems drove them to needing placement for Danny and his siblings.

I am use to dealing with families that have more or less given up on a kid, are addicts or suffer from some mental disease. Over the years I have been in intake meetings with families that would sit there and tell me how evil and rotten to the core their child is, how they cannot control them and not mention ONE redeeming quality about the kid. Many times I would find it hard to concentrate on what they were saying because of the smell of stale smoke and beer emanating from their clothes. What chance does any kid have with that?

So when the rare gem comes along where a kid has someone in their life that loves and wants nothing but the best for them, is forced to a position where someone else has to step in and raise their child, it breaks my heart.

Thankfully Danny will at least grow up with the knowledge that there is someone in the family that loves and cares for him, even after they are gone. I do believe that will make a huge difference in this kids life.

As to the other families that I deal with- It definitely frustrates me when I see the level of dysfunction that comes out of a broken home. I have to remind myself that the problems they have as a family are more than likely several generations deep. It’s that whole sins of the father thing the Bible talks about.

But that’s the mission isn’t it? We are Christ’s representatives to help at least the kids caught up in all this mess break the cycle of dysfunction. Only we often doubt if we are really doing anything at all.

I do know Danny is loved and deeply cared for. That gives him at least a little bit more of an advantage in this life than some. -Launch

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