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I am currently working on another major update to the “Members Only” facility directory.  As of today there are 793 listings.  Over the next two or three months I will get the directory to over 1000 listings and hope to get it over 1200 listings. 

I believe that will be the last of the major updates and from there it will just be a matter of maintenance.  Deleting the occasional facility that closes and adding the occasional facility that I run across or finds me.

When I first started this website I estimated that there were probably between five and six thousand facilities through out the country.  I have since figured out that I was wrong and there are much less.  There also seems to be a trend where smaller facilities are being absorbed by larger facilities and though the number of houses may be the same or growing slightly they are being managed by fewer organizations.  Many of the organizations listed in my directory have multiple facilities in multiple states.

There may be a few hundred more facilities that exist, but will not be included in my directory, mostly because they don’t have a web presence and it is too hard to verify their existence.  As the web matures and they get a presence I will add them.

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