Busy, Busy Days!!

I am very sorry for the lack of posts but it is nearing the end of the school year and we are totally swamped with things to do.  We have 10 children in our cottage that attend 7 different schools, though we are the exception at the home we work at, most only have to deal with 2 or 3 schools.  It seems that every school has to have a spring program, field trip, field day, parent’s luncheon, end of the year party, etc.

There are two days next week when my wife and I will be criss-crossing town attending 6 different activities.  Life is real busy.  We have also been pretty busy with spring time Public Relations events and children’s choir events.  We have 3 children on the home’s travelling choir. 

On top of that I have been dealing with spammers and hackers on the forum and blog.  As the popularity of the website grows so does the number of attacks.  I will never understand why people are so insistent on destroying other people’s stuff.

I am working on some things and reading another book (though it has been almost two months and I am still not finished with it), so hopefully I will have some more to post here soon.  Let me end with this funny story:

This morning at breakfast our 6 year old boy came out with his shirt on inside out.  My wife noticed it and pointed it out to him.  Our 9 year old girl without missing a beat told him, “Johhny (not his real name), it’s OK to wear your pajamas inside-out to aggravate Ms. Marjie, but you can’t go to school that way.”  It has been a major fad in our cottage for most of our children to wear their PJ’s inside-out for about the last three months. She has suspected they were doing it do annoy her (She is so proper), now she knows for sure.  The rest of us find it funny.

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