Burnin Some Calories

Comparing my current weight to my weight when I first became a houseparent, I have an average annual gain of 5.272727273 pounds.  If I continue at this for another 20 years and continue to grow at the current rate I will weigh over 365 pounds.  Considering that I am only 5″7″ tall, I figure I will look like a super-sized pumpkin and probably be as mobile.

Needless to say, I don’t want that to happen so I have decided that I need to eat better and get more exercise.  I have been spending less time on the computer and more time outside playing with the kids.  Today I ate two salads, skipped the deserts & sweet tea and since we ran out of Mac & cheese in the dining hall before I ever got there, I greatly restricted my carbs.

I have also decided to find other ways to be more active and one of those ways was to stop using our 54 inch, zero turn commercial lawn mower to mow grass with, instead I will only use a 6.5 horsepower 20 inch push lawnmower.  I started with it today, and you would not believe the number of people that stopped to visit with me.  Some were very concerned that the Zero Turn was not working, because they also needed to mow their grass.  Others wanted to make sure I knew that the Zero Turn was perfectly operational, and that I didn’t need to use a push mower. 

I would take the earphones, that were pumping music from my new Pantec Duo cellphone into my head, out of my ears and explain to them what I was doing.  They would say cool, but I seriously think some thought I had become even more crazy. 

I was able to turn a 30 minute mow job into one that lasted for over 2 hours.  I have no idea how many calories I burned, but it has to be a significant number.  Having a cell phone that plays music was definitely an advantage.  The music made the work easier, and since the phone would ring through my earphones I didn’t have to worry about somebody not being able to get a hold of me during my three hour workout (including trimming, edging and blowing).  I am going to have to spring for the blue-tooth headphones however, the cord from my regular headphones kept getting caught on things and I had to unplug them from the phone to be able to talk on it.

I really enjoyed my time.  The air was fresh.  There were no kids hollering at me and I was able to enjoy three hours of music.  I am feeling pretty sore at the moment, but I plan on mowing a different area on Wednesday.  It’s a great workout and I will probably build some serious brownie points with other houseparents and admin if it reduces their workload.  It may sound crazy, but I saw a young man lose over forty pounds in 2.5 months mowing grass and considering the things he ate, I could lose even more.

I am also planning on finding more ways to be active.  I will be parking further away from the door at whatever store I go to and will walk rather than drive whenever I can.  Who knows, that might even help lower gas prices.

If anybody else has ideas for burning calories I would love to hear them.

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