Brand New Book for Residential Staff!!!

I am glad to announce that there is a brand new book available for houseparents and all residential care staff.  It isEVOLVING Residential Work with Children and Families called “EVOLVING Residential Work with Children and Families” by James R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D.  It is basically a complete re-write of his original book “Respecting Residential Work with Children.”

Although it is considered a second edition, there is more than enough change to consider it a new and different book.  There have been several new chapters added to include: The Impact of No Physical Contact Policies, Managed Care, Mergers, Networks, and Accreditation, and Suggestions for Future Practice. The Workforce Crisis chapter was eliminated but its more important passages are included in this manuscript in various sections.  The Educational Needs of Youth in Care chapter was removed but will be available on the authors website for those who are interested.

Another great difference with this book is the price.  The original book had a list price of $35, though I paid $33 for my copy at Amazon.  The price on this book is substantially less.  It can be purchased from the publisher for $24 ( ) and I am working on becoming a retailer so I can hopefully sell it for even less.

I have started reading my copy and look forward to doing a complete review when I am finished.  But in the meantime I wanted to let everyone know that it was available, I am more than confident that it will be worth your expense and time to read it.  If it is anything like the original it is one of those books that every new houseparent, administrator, support worker, etc. should read before they ever have their first day on the job.

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