Book Review -Family-Centered Services in Residential Treatment New Approaches for Group Care

By: John Y. Powell (Editor)

Disclaimer: This book review is my opinion of the book. If you have a different opinion of the book that is great. I know I have loved several movies and books that other reviewers have not liked and disliked movies and books that receive great reviews. I think we all have. If you would like to submit your own review, I may consider posting it. Otherwise feel free to share you reviews on the Forum. Thanks.

Family-Centered Services in Residential Treatment is a collection of articles, speeches, and interviews.  The editor uses these to present the concept , philosophy and need of family centered services from different perspectives to include clinicians, administrators, direct care staff, parents and children formerly in placement.

I very much enjoyed this book and the editor did a very good job further selling me on family centered services.  In my early years as a houseparent I was pretty hard core program/child centered.  The book is geared toward policy makers and as such would be of limited value to direct care staff looking for technique.  However, if you are looking for a good book to help you develop your childcare philosophy this could be it.

From a residential standpoint – with family centered services not only do you work with the child that is in out of home placement but you also work with the family to deal with the root issues that may have led to placement, to include: parenting skills, family therapy, employment assistance, etc.

The book is published by The Haworth Press, Inc, Binghamton, NY.  Copyright 2000.  It is available in both hard and soft cover and including the index is 147 pages long. 

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