Back and Ready to get at it.

I am back from Daytona.  My favorite driver won his first Daytona 500 at my first live NASCAR race.  It was pretty exciting and I had a wonderful weekend with my 15 year old son. 

I am however totally tired of travelling and all I want is to spend time at home, with the family (which includes the cottage children).  I have driven over 10,000 miles in the last two months through 14 different states including two of the three largest ones, seen both oceans and the Gulf of Mexico,  spent over 3 weeks in strange beds and eaten more restaurant meals than I care to count.  You really can have to much of a good thing!

As far as the website goes, I am planning to work on putting together a “Members Only” section again at the request of several users of the site.  In the “Members Only” section you will be able to view the job listings by state, post and view resumes, have web address and E-mail links in the directory, and other features.  It will probably take me a couple of weeks or even months to set everything up.  I will have to purchase special software and configure/test everything first; I am going to do it differently this time.

I am also working on a couple of new articles and I just finished reading another book, so a book review is soon to come.  Please stay tuned.

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