A Pretty Good Relief

We are on our 4th day of relief and it has been a pretty good one. I was able to sleep late yesterday. My favorite NASCAR Driver, Jimmie Johnson won the race today. Friday I bought a brand new ATV (A very nice Blue one to match Jimmie Johnson’s Race Car. Sorry but I had no choice but to become a NASCAR Fanatic living in the South) to use around the home and out at the ranch. As great as this week has been for me, I know it has not been so great for others.

Today, we went out to eat after church. While I was sitting there in the restaurant I saw a sign at another store that said, “WE NEED TO PRAY FOR HURRICANE KATRINA VICTIMS.” I 100% agree with that sign, however it really got me to thinking and kind of brought me down some. For those of us that pray, hurricane Katrina victims are very good people to pray for. But I think we should also pray for: victims of hurricane Rita, Dennis, Ivan, etc., families that have lost loved ones to the Iraq war and war in general, victims of crime, children that are neglected and abused, people that are sick, wisdom for our leaders, etc. etc. etc.

Unfortunately there is so much pain and suffering in the world, we will probably never run out of people to pray for and causes to give to.

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