A Facility You Might Want to Consider

It is not often I can personally recommend a facility, but I recently interviewed at one I would like to.

The facility is located in southern Mississippi just an hour from the beach. It is a very new facility and all of the buildings are less than 10 years old. It is a beautiful campus and I would have loved to work there. The only reason we didn’t continue to pursue a position there was that at the time they only had a relief position and we would not have been able to bring our little dog to the cottage when we were providing relief, and my wife was worried about her being left at the apartment by herself all the time.

To me the best part of the facility was the administration. The president/executive director grew up in a children’s home and has a special understanding of a children’s home as well as a special connection to the children that come to live in the home. The director of the home, was a houseparent for several years before becoming the director and has a connection and understanding of houseparents that most directors don’t have. The schedule is outstanding, 21 days on and 9 days off. We were told that relief is almost guaranteed and administrators would cover the cottage if they needed to in order for you to get your relief.

I would consider the home long term residential foster care. Many of the kids come at a fairly young age and stay until adulthood. The home tries to make things as normal as they can for the children to include teaching them how to use social media, cell phones, how to drive.

On the flip side you have to know that being a houseparent is still a tough job and you are going to have many challenges. Children do not end up in care, without having some trauma and issues to work through and there will be challenging times. However, I think this home does a pretty good job of helping them work through things. They receive counseling, the educational help they need and an opportunity to build long term relationships with their caregivers.

When we were visiting we met houseparents that have been there for many years. I am not going to publish the name of this facility, but if you are interested in moving to Mississippi and want to work for what I think is a great facility, send me an email and I will tell you who they are.

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