Finding contraband (Stuff they shouldn’t have)

Back in the day you had to learn of new hiding places from other staff members that stumbled on to them, or from your snitch.  Now days, we have this wonder thing called YouTube where kids will tell you the new places where they hide things.  I have posted a few here for your information.  Later on I plan to make a few videos of some places where you might find some hidden items.  Warning.  Some of these videos have language that you may find inappropriate, however if you have worked in residential care for more than a day or two, its probably nothing you haven’t already heard.

The Houseparent Life

Here are some videos I found on YouTube made by residents.  I am posting them for your entertainment. The residents get great joy out of messing with houseparents.  If it were not for the fact that I understand the rules at most facilities, I would NOT be very surprised to find hundreds or thousands of these videos on YouTube, however most group care residents do have cell phones and youtube accounts to post their pranks so they go undocumented.

Even when they are not messing with the houseparents, they still could be.

Slogan Change

For the last 13+ years the slogan for The Houseparent Network has been, “The one stop resource for houseparents and other residential childcare workers”. Today that changed. We are now “The one stop resource for houseparents and other residential care workers”. A subtle change, but a big change. After posting a job listing for a maternity home today I realized that it was time for a change. I have known for a while that there are houseparents and residential care workers that work with pregnant women, disabled adults and youth, young adults in Independent living facilities, etc.

You look at the website and many of the facilities that have job listings are for facilities other than residential childcare. It was time I recognize that. Welcome to The Houseparent Network, The one stop resource for houseparents and other residential CARE workers.