2014 Houseparent Salary Comparison

I am in the process of redoing the website and when I was working on the Members Only Section yesterday, I realized that the last time I did a salary comparison was 2007.  I decided to stop working on the redesign and do a current salary comparison to see how it compares to that one.  I can’t remember the exact criteria I used in 2007 to conduct the comparison, so I don’t know if the comparison to 2014 will be exact, however it should be “Close Enough”.  In 2007 I didn’t have as many job listings to work with and I didn’t have the tools I use now for keeping track of things.  The 2007 comparison covered almost 2 years, where this one only covers 1, that should make this one more accurate.

In doing the 2014 salary comparison, I went through my database of all job listings posted on The Houseparent Network in just the last 12 months.  If a facility had more than one job listing during that time, I kept only the most recent.  I had 128 different facilities that have posted job listings in the past year.  Of those, 63 facilities posted salaries, the rest posted things like competitive or negotiable, etc.  Stuff I couldn’t work with.

The good news is that Houseparent Salaries have definitely gone up in the last 7 years, especially in the lower and middle ranges.

Before I give my numbers here is my disclaimer:
Note: Let me start by saying that this is not a scientific sampling based on all the facilities in the country, but I think it is still a close representation of the average salaries throughout the country. All salaries listed are per individual.  If you are paid as a couple multiply these averages by two to compare it to your salary.  Also many facilities listed a range of salaries, so I also express my averages as a range.  I am also making the assumption that the salary listed by the facility is the cash salary and not total package.

The mean average (pure average) salary for a houseparent is $22,099-23,130 per year, compared to $19,419-20,653 in 2007  The Median average (half the salaries are less, half are more) salary for a houseparent is $21,000-23,000 per year, compared to $18,500-20,000 in 2007.  The mean average for the top 25% of salaries is $29,131-29,898 compared to $26,988-29,412 in 2007.  The mean average for the bottom 25% of salaries is $14,903-16,637 compared to $12,315-12,893 in 2007.  The Top salary is $37,500-40,000 which is exactly the same as 2007.  The bottom salary is $11,250 per year, which is almost double what the bottom salary was in 2007, however the facility that had the bottom salary in 2007 no longer posts a salary on their job listing.

I am hoping to do these comparisons every year from now on, since I am working the website full time now.  I am even looking into sending out a survey to facilities that would include more than just salaries.  I would also like to have a tangible comparison of benefits.

I now have the information posted in the members only section and it includes additional information from the comparison, such as sorted by state, benefits listed in the job listing, as well as all the raw data, minus the facility name.

If you would like to see the posting for the 2007 salary comparison.  Click Here