A New Day Delayed!

Today was supposed to be the first official work day at my new full time job as webmaster of The Houseparent Network.  However, things don’t always work as you plan them.  Even after three months notice, my old employer has yet to find somebody to replace me so I gave them two more weeks.  I guess I will just have to wait a bit for my new day.

Even though I am a little nervous about losing the security of a full time paycheck, I am very excited about the opportunity to help others, and to grow this site into something great.  At least I hope.

As I wait until I have time to devote many hours to the site, be thinking about things you might want to see change or be added to the site.  What information are you looking for.  Do you come here strictly for the job listings or is there other areas you visit, and if so, how do you think I could make them better.  Feel free to post your ideas and suggestions in the comments, on the Forum or on The Houseparent Network facebook page

Some things I am looking forward to is having the time to read books again and sharing about those here.  Scouring the internet for articles useful to houseparents, republishing when I can and linking to them when I can’t.  Finding more facilities for my directory and making sure the ones already listed still exist.  Sharing some of the funny stories from my houseparenting days and even some from my IT days watching other houseparents.

That’s just for starters.