Book Review – No Matter How Loud I Shout (A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF JUVENILE COURT)

By: Edward Humes

Disclaimer: This book review is my opinion of the book. If you have a different opinion of the book that is great. I know I have loved several movies and books that other reviewers have not liked and disliked movies and books that receive great reviews. I think we all have. If you would like to submit your own review, I may consider posting it. Thanks.

A year in the life of juvenile court in Los Angeles County, California the year 1994 will trigger many emotions in you when you read it. It will make you angry when you see the shortcomings of the Juvenile justice system. It will make you want to cheer for the youth that might make it. It will surely depress you when realize there is little that can be done to change many of the youth in the system. But, hopefully it will mostly make you want to make a difference if you are a part of the system.

According to the book Los Angeles County is the largest juvenile justice system in the country and is home to some of the most violent crimes committed by youth. For the vast majority of us in smaller states we will never be able to relate to the viciousness and frequency of the crimes committed in LA, but we will still experience many of the same emotions when dealing with the juvenile justice system we have. We will still feel angry when we see a youth get off with little consequence for their crimes, or when a child that seems to have a chance at rehabilitation shipped off to youth or adult prison for no logical reason. We still feel the sorrow and hurt when it seems that no matter what we do, it just doesn’t seem to matter, that when it is all said and done, most of the kids go right back to what they were doing before.

I recommend this book for anyone interested in the juvenile justice aspect of residential childcare. This book will do little to help you with techniques to be a better houseparent or residential childcare worker, but will very much touch many of the emotions you will experience working in juvenile justice. My first houseparenting position was in a juvenile justice residential group home. We mostly dealt with delinquents and incorrigibles at that home and I remember having many of the same feelings I had then when I was reading this book. 

This book reads as well as any fiction novel and many times makes wish that it was. I hope that reforms have happened in the slightly more than 10 years since this book was written to improve the system in Los Angeles and hope that it does not become a mirror for the whole country.

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