I am Finished with the New Website Design!!!!

After several months of working on the new design for the website I can finally say that I am finished.  It is 10:00 PM local time and I don’t have enough time to upload it tonight so I will do it in the morning instead.  There may be times when much of the website will be inaccessible and if you have bookmarks to specific pages, besides the blog and forum archive, I assure they will no longer work.  I am using a different technology for some of the content that required renaming every single page.

I am real excited about the design and I hope everyone will enjoy it and find it more useful than before.  To give you a preview I have gone ahead and activated the new theme for the blog and forum archive. 

I have done a great deal of testing, but I would not be surprised if I missed something, so if you come across a broken link send an email to houseparentnetwork@gmail.com so I can fix it.  Thanks.