North Carolina LAW 2009-408

I first found out about this from the CORE: Coalition for Residential Education facebook page.

This legislation is significant because, in a trend where states and organizations are trying to reduce placements in residential facilities, North Carolina recognizes that residential placements are sometimes the best thing for children, especially when it can keep siblings together.

The law reads in part, “However, the State recognizes there are instances when protecting a child’s welfare outweighs reunifying the family unit, and as such, the care of residential care facilities providing high quality services that include meeting the children’s educational needs as determined by the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Social Services can satisfy the standard of protecting a child’s welfare, regardless of the child’s age, particularly when the sibling groups can be kept intact.”

I think one thing the law addresses and that we should always strive for is, “providing high quality services.”¬† We should always do the best that we can to help the children and never accept mediocrity.

You can read the entire law by Clicking Here