Question #15 – 2/19/2007 Are there children available locally for adoption?

A friend is considering adoption of a child. She’s thinking of going internationally. Are there children available locally? thanks! hd

There are thousands of children in the United States that are available for adoption, yet will spend their entire youth in the foster care system.  According to the most recent AFCARS Report there are 114,000 children waiting to be adopted in the US.  There were 51,000 children that were adopted in 2005 through the foster care system.  That would leave more than half the children still waiting on an adoptive home.

I believe the reason most children in the foster care system are not considered for adoption by many prospective parents is because of their age (most still waiting for adoptive homes are older children) and because of perceived behavioral issues.  I can honestly say that I have seen children with behavioral issues that come from all walks of life including overseas adoptions. I personally believe all prospective parents should first consider the children here in America before looking overseas.  Here is a blog article I wrote a few months ago.  CLICK HERE


Submitted by: momofmanyAnother reason it is harder to adopt in the U.S. is many of the kids are from sibling groups and the court system and CPS do not want them split apart. I know Texas has what is called TARE – I think it stands for Texas Adoption Resource – and you can put in age, sex, race, etc. and it will show you many kids up for adoption. Keep in mind though, it also shows you their siblings. Good luck. 

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