Palmer Orphanage

This is a facility in Mississippi that was founded in 1895.  It started out as an orphanage, but is now Palmer Home for Children, a home that provides long term residential foster care.  The picture is of the original building.  Children stopped living in it during the 70’s when they were moved into large homes/cottages around campus.  It is currently the main office of the home, as well as housing the kitchen and dining room.

Palmer Home for Children

I will post pictures of some of the cottages later.

My First Cottage/House

I have added a new category to The Houseparent Network Blog called “Facility Gallery”  In it I will post pictures of houses, cottages, and facilities that I have worked/lived in and others that I come across.  I will start it off with a picture of the first place I worked as a houseparent.

Sonlight Girls

This was a teen girls – Community Group Home.  We had room for 7 girls that lived in the 3 upstairs bedrooms.  My entire family of 4 lived in one – 110 square foot room downstairs for almost two years. The accommodations were cramped, but we learned tons at this facility and we are still very fond of the people that worked there.

About two years after this they built a brand new house about where that white building in the background is.  It had three rooms for the staff and capacity for 10 girls.  I will post a picture of it later.

Unfortunately this program is now closed because of funding – It will be missed.

I now Invite you to share pictures and information about the houses you have worked in. 

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