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Childcare Training Resources

Bay Area Wilderness Training Program,  whose mission is to create opportunities for urban youth to experience the wilderness first-hand by training teachers, counselors, social workers, and other youth workers to lead children on wilderness exploration trips and providing them all the necessary equipment to do so. http://www.bawt.org

Appelstein Training Resources, LLC,  Child Care Training, Consultation, and Publications.   http://www.charliea.com/


National Foundation for Abused and Neglected Children N. F. A. N. C. -Lots of information about Child abuse, Neglect, Gangs, etc.  Lots of links to other resources.  http://gangfreekids.org/

International Child and Youth Care Network    http://www.cyc-net.org

North American Association of Christian Social Workers (NACSW) supports the integration of Christian faith and professional social work practice in the lives of its members, the profession and the church, promoting love and justice in social service and social reform.    http://www.nacsw.org/

CORE: Coalition of Residential Excellence  is a national voice for residential excellence. CORE is an alliance of programs who are dedicated and passionate about residential care for children and youth in need.    https://www.core-dc.org/

The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) According to their website NATSAP is an organization created in January of 1999 to serve as a national resource for programs and professionals assisting young people beleaguered by emotional and behavioral difficulties. http://www.natsap.org/

The Council of Family and Child Caring Agencies (COFCCA) is the principal representative for nearly all the voluntary, not-for-profit organizations providing foster care, adoption, family preservation, and special education services in New York State. http://www.cofcca.org/

The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) is the nation's oldest and largest membership-based child welfare organization. We are committed to engaging people everywhere in promoting the well-being of children, youth, and their families, and protecting every child from harm. http://www.cwla.org

Teaching-Family Association (TFA) was founded in 1975 to ensure the quality of care provided by professionals who actively pursue the goals of humane, effective, individualized treatment for children, families, and dependent adults using the common framework of the Teaching-Family Model for treatment and support.  http://www.teaching-family.org

Juvenile Justice

KCI-The Anit-Meth Site  Studying the criminal and juvenile justice system and identifying ways to reduce and prevent crime, especially juvenile crime. http://www.kci.org/

Life Skills Training Materials

NARISE Life Skills and Training – Provides life skills curricula for at-risk youth and training for direct care staff. www.ariselife-skills.org

Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO Downloadable and free online guides and pamphlets.  Excellent resource for life skills training materials.  http://www.pueblo.gsa.gov/

SocialLearning.com Training resources to help children, teens and parents succeed. http://www.sociallearning.com/ 

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