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Use this form to submit job openings.  All submissions must be for direct care positions (ie. Houseparent, Homeparent, Resident Counselor, Teaching Parent, etc.) or Administrative or Support positions, and must be for a Residential Childcare Facility (Children's Home, Group Home, Residential Treatment Center, etc.), Schools, Maternity Homes, or Homes for Disabled Youth or Adults. After you submit the form, I will review it and post it as soon as I can, provided it meets our guidelines and I receive payment.

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If you would like an oversized listing please contact me for prices.

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Direct Care - Includes all positions associated with direct care of the children (Positions include Houseparents, Homeparents, Resident Counselors, etc.)

Couples Not Required - Includes Internships & Direct-care positions for single & individual workers only.  Positions maybe shift work or live-in.

Administrative & Support - Includes: Program Directors, Social Workers, Therapists, Development Personnel, Teachers, Cooks, Maintenance, etc.

Job Listing Term *

               3 Months - $125 U.S.

               6 Months - $225 U.S.

               1 Year - $375 U.S.

All job listings must be paid for before they will be posted.  This includes listings from facilities that have posted in the past as well as facilities posting for the first time. 

For those facilities that wish to expedite the payment process you can pay on-line through Squaresquare using most credit cards.  For those facilities that wish, I can set you up for automatic renewal on a recurring payment through Square.  E-mail me for details.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: All renewals must be paid Online either through Squaresquare, or Quicken payments. You can pay your renewal on my website payment page, I can invoice you electronically to pay by credit card through Square Register or by credit card or ACH payment through Quicken Payments. You will have seven (7) days from notification or the job listing expiration date to complete payment, whichever is later. If payment has not been completed in that time period, you listing/advertising shall be removed and any ranking shall be lost.

I will send out an email notification for renewal for all listings and give at least 7 days for you to respond to the notice. If I don't receive a response within that period I will remove your listing. If you wish to ensure that your listing is not removed, I highly recommend setting it up with recurring payments.

I would like to state that I have had no problems with the majority of facilities, and apologize for any inconvenience, but I am having increasing problems in receiving timely payments.

Job Listings include a 725X125 Pixel graphic.  You can e-mail your graphic as an attachment in either gif or jpeg format to houseparentnetwork@gmail.com If you have the rights to the images on your website I can use one of those in your banner.  If you have an image that does not fit 725X125 pixels I would be happy to rework it to make it fit.  I don't currently charge a fee for this service.  Just e-mail me your instructions to the address above and include your facility name.

 After you click on the "SUBMIT" button, print the page that appears. Mail that page and your check/money order  to the address below.

You can also pay using your credit card by using the link on the following page. 

If you have any questions E-mail me at: houseparentnetwork@gmail.com or call me at 662-574-1818.

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